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Mental health awareness (and action!) month

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends,

May is mental health awareness month for a reason! The already ridiculous pace of life somehow finds a way to accelerate even more at the end of the school year. In our town, we are calling it mental health action month because we need to do more than be aware – we need to act. Make sure you take time out for you and your well-being and schedule screen-free downtime for your whole family. 

Stop for a moment and ask yourself “Where am I finding JOY today?” Role model joy that’s not found in a bottle. You deserve it and are worth it, and you also want it for your kids, right?


Exciting news!

Today, I'll be speaking at this year's #WeGiveSummit. Don't miss my session “Rebuild Social Trust: Weaving A New, Inclusive Social Fabric" on May 8 at 1PM ET / 10AM PT! 

Join me, author Shaylyn Romney Garrett and Weave: The Social Fabric Project at the Aspen Institute’s Michael Skoler as we #ActivateTogether.

Featuring sessions with Deepa Iyer, Dan Pallotta  and Baratunde Thurston, We Give Summit is happening all day May 7-9. 

Register now at This event is free. Can't wait to see you there!



This Saturday, May 11th, bring the family to Wilton High School for a free showing of Disney Pixar's "Inside Out!” Complete with food trucks and a variety of local resources for you to check out (and stop to say hi!) at Wilton's first Wellness Resource Fair.


OK to Delay

Join me at the Greenwich Public Library on June 3rd at 6:30 p.m. for an OK to Delay event. We will have a panel and discussion with middle schoolers and their parents about delaying smartphones and social media. Hear directly from the kids!  RSVP now open!



Last week, I was thrilled to help kick off “Mental Health Action Month'' in our town by co-sponsoring "Unplug and Re-connect: How to Promote Digital Wellness and Increase Family Connections'' with Unplug Collaborative Co-Founder, Claudia Erickson. 

We all learned so much and as a community are even more charged up to have the desperately needed conversations and make change happen!

 If you missed it, you can watch it here!


We need to do better folks. Words matter. Especially true when they come from wise, educated, well revered expert authors — and reputable, world renowned publishers! Read more: Please stop saying “committed suicide.”


And finally...

Finally, May is also prime Block Party planning season! Why do I love block parties? 

Block Party USA is a free, actionable cure for our country’s loneliness, social isolation, divisiveness, and the youth mental health crisis. Plan your block party and get others to do the same! Join me for an open house zoom to ask questions and get started!

P.S. reach out now if you want a one-on-one parent coaching session before summer starts!


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