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Lockdown Drills: Trauma Instead of Safety

I feel so incredibly strongly that someday we will look back as parents and educators and realize how lockdown drills and active shooter drills traumatize our children, with no actual benefit. Just like smacking knuckles or palms with a ruler decades ago, the goal was to help shape behavior, but was ultimately more damaging to children. Children across the world, and especially in our little town of Wilton, have been traumatized in small and big ways over the last eight months. Reminding them of their vulnerability and that the world can be/is a scary place in which they are not safe is something I vehemently condemn. These are not like fire drills. The fear that it generates in students and parents alike not only has absolutely no benefit, it causes harm and should be eliminated, especially during a pandemic.

About the Author

Vanessa Elias is a mental health activist, certified parent coach, speaker, and writer featured on NPR, PBS, and in the WSJ. She is the founder of Thrive with a Guide, LLC and serves as a group facilitator for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Block Party USA is her passion project. Vanessa helps parents achieve healthier family relationships and lasting, meaningful connections.


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