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Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends,

How’s it going, really? I’ve been talking with a lot of parents who are feeling exhausted and tapped.  Many are wisely going to bed hours before their normal bedtime to manage. Every year, I notice that March is a hard month for adults and kids (March madness/time change/light change) so take extra care of yourself and know that you will not always feel like this – it will get better.

The Anxious Generation

Our kids and young adults are suffering with anxiety, depression, hopelessness and suicide rates of never before. They are lacking joy and basic human skills like small talk, negotiating, problem solving or asking a stranger a question.


The allowed takeover of smart phones and tablets in our children's lives at younger and younger ages has hurt, and continues to hurt, them.  Many parents know it, but have felt powerless to do something. 

I strongly believe that we are finally at a tipping point and the momentum to confidently push back on a tech-led childhood, and instead embrace a play-based childhood, is finally here.  

The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness,” by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, and the collaborative movement he is leading is why. To say that I am excited for this book, to be released on Tuesday, March 26th, is an understatement!

Yesterday, I had the great privilege of being one of forty people on a zoom call with Jonathan Haidt, his researchers and other aligned organizations working to end phone/device-based childhood and bring back play-based childhood.  It was inspiring to hear from people leading the way in the US, UK and Canada. Together, we can make this happen.

Three ways to learn more (pick one, two, or better yet all three):

  • Read this gifted pdf of Jon Haidt’s piece in The Atlantic, which includes core concepts of the book:

  • Watch a one minute video to learn more about the movement, book and brilliant guerilla art project popping up in NY, DC, LA and San Francisco.

We need to read, watch, and act. An entire generation of lives literally depends on it.


My story, in 400 seconds

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of sharing my story in a PechaKucha-style presentation with 20 slides, with 20 seconds on each. You’ll see how it led to my work and passion project.


Block Party USA - join me!

Block Party USA is a free, actionable cure for our country’s loneliness, social isolation, divisiveness, and the youth mental health crisis. Block parties create the much needed opportunities for neighborhood play!

It’s officially spring which means that we are kicking off block party season! 

Next week, I’m excited to host a 30-minute conversation to jump-start your planning and show you how easy (and free!) it is to make a gathering happen in your buildings, streets, sidewalks, and yards. 

Plan your block party and, if you are part of an organization, get others to do the same!

The March Block Party USA prep 

Monday, March 25th at 12-12:30pm EST

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 859 3858 0782

Not able to make the zoom? Reach out to me directly at or


Upcoming Presentations: 

“Congrats, They're Going to College! How to Help Them Stay.” I will be sharing tips with parents on what you can do now, to make sure your child has the (non-academic) tools they need to succeed at university.  Help prevent your child from being the one in four who don't return for their second year!

Take care of you!


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